General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

AGE REQUIREMENT: Minimum age required is 21 for groups A,В, C.

PAYMENT METHOD: For all groups a valid Credit Card accepted by Firefly, must be shown for all necessary pre-authorization amounts as well as pre-payments and settlement of final rental charges.

DRIVING LICENSE: A valid driving license held for at least one year is required from the driver.

GRACE PERIOD: At the end of the agreed rental period, Firefly allows a grace period of 59 minutes free of charge after which, the renter will be charged with a minimum of one full day rental..

TRAFFIC FINES: All fines resulting from the drivers conduct are born solely by the renter.

LIABILITY OF THE RENTER: In case of damage or loss of the rented car or part of it, as well as in case of fire, breakage of glass or theft, the Renter or any additional authorized drivers are fully liable..

THIRD PARTY LIABILITY (TPL): The rented vehicle is covered for third part liability in accordance with the Ukrainian law. Coverages are subject to General Terms of the Firefly’s insurance contract with its insurer.

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW):  The renter's liability for damages to Firefly vehicle can be reduced as per Rental  Agreement's term and conditions, to a minimum charge of €750 euros for groups  A,В, C. Damage to the underside of the car, the wheels and the tyres is not covered.

The Renter may reduce the above liability to a minimum charge of €100 for groups  A,В, C, by purchasing the additional daily coverage of €6.00 (SCDW).

THEFT PROTECTION (TP): Theft protection is a service which, if accepted, reduces the renters financial responsibility in case of theft of the Firefly vehicle to 500€ for groups A,В, C. This excludes any thefts of personal effects.

INCIDENT ADMINISTRATION FEE (IAF): In case of an accident due to the Renter's liability, Renter has the obligation to pay to Firefly a non-refundable fee of €15 to cover the administration expenses.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER CHARGE: A charge of €5€ per day has to be paid for each additional driver. With a flat charge of 50€ any rental period is covered in excess of 10 days.

AIRPORT SERVICE CHARGE (ASC): The charge applicable to all airports in Ukraine is 10%. The above percentage is calculated on the sum of charges excluding taxes and fuel charges. ASC cannot be less of 10€ charge.

GASOLINE PRE-PAYMENT POLICY: For rental periods of 3 days or longer and at the start of rental, the renter is required to pre-pay the cost of any petrol in the tank of the vehicle to be rented. Upon return and only then, of the rented vehicle, the renter may request a refund of the cost for any remaining amount of fuel in the tank, which if less than that of initial pre-paid quantity, a Refuelling Service Charges will be applied.


BABY/CHILD SEATS: Available on request with a daily charge of €4.

GPS: Available on request with a daily charge of €5.

SNOW CHAINS: Available on request with a daily charge of €4.00.

COLLECTION/DELIVERY CHARGES: A) Every collection or delivery which does not take place at a Firefly location shall be charged €18 (city rate). Outside the city limits there will be an additional charge of the charge is 0.40€/km for categories A,B,C, and J and 0.60€/km for all other categories. B) The charge for every delivery or collection Outside Working Hours is 23€/km.

ONE WAY RENTALS: Applicable between Firefly locations following a written authorization and a special charge agreement with Firefly.

ACROSS BORDER RENTALS: Allowed only with prior written agreement with Firefly.

FLEET AVAILABILITY: The Company reserves the right to provide a different car model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type.

  All rates and charges of this brochure are subjected to 20% VAT.

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